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Black Wattle Bulk - Per 100 Loose Pieces or more

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Black Wattle can be found on multiple continents across the globe, situated in a long list of countries. Generally, growing in Grasslands or within rain forest type environments. It is often considered a weed and is seen as a threat to native habitats by competing with indigenous vegetation, replacing grass communities, reducing biodiversity and increasing water loss. It is most commonly used as indoor Firewood throughout most countries and makes coal good enough for a braai. Therefore, it is a great all-round wood type that meets just about any occasion. There is always a very high demand for Black Wattle locally, so don't delay, stock up on yours today!

  • Also known as 'Acacia mearnsii'
  • Supplied bulk, per 100 loose pieces or more
  • Perfect for making indoor fires and cooking
  • May contain minimal moisture
  • Great for Fireplace units and braai areas

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