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7KG Braai Size Namibian Hardwood Bags

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Dry 7KG Namibian Hardwoods pre-bagged for your next Braai session! It's the perfect size Bag filled with great quality woods. They're easy to light and always deliver top quality coals! Plus.. they're the right size to carry and cart around with you from one location to another, fits in the Cars trunk without hassles and serves as a wicked 'Bring & Braai' or Holiday Bag. Typically one of these bags is ideal for a quick Braai catering for around 2-4 people. However, two bags make just the amount of coals perfect for those Chicken Braai recipes and meats needing to cook a bit longer. So if you are one that is often out and about having regular Braai's, have limited space at home or are simply wanting to ration off each cooking experience in a basic to manage fashion, then this is the offer you are looking for! 

  • Sekelbos or Kameeldoring Namibian Hardwoods will be supplied
  • 5-11pcs per bag depending on the size & weight of the pieces
  • Roaring flames along with hot long lasting coals
  • Ultra low moisture content
  • Popular Bags - Loved by Millions

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