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Blue Gum Bulk - Per 100 Loose Pieces or more

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Blue Gum is an evergreen environmental pest native to Tasmania and Australia. Full grown trees can stand up 50m tall and some older trees historically reaching 100m and up. They consume large sums of water from the ground while alive and can typically drink up a few tons in no time. They grow like wildfire and occupy vast amounts of land throughout South Africa. However, once chopped and dried out, they make for fantastic indoor firewood. Blue Gum will bring warmth to you and the family and generally burns for a fairly long time frame. By far Cape Town's top-selling indoor firewood!

  • Also known as Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Supplied bulk, per 100 loose pieces or more
  • Perfect for staying warm indoors
  • May contain minimal moisture
  • Great for Open fireplaces / Combustion units

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