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5KG Namibian Charcoal (Various Brands)

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Namibian Charcoal is always great to have around the house! If you are a braai lover and often run out of hot coals then throwing on some charcoal is the quick and easy fix for you! Also perfect for braai's as it creates a high heat scenario for cooking meats in no time. It's made from some of the densest woods Namibia has to offer. In theory Charcoal is used to generate quick bursts of heat while cooking. A bag or two of this at your braai area and you'll never worry about under cooking anything ever again! Plus, if the Mrs. wants a speedy braai because she or the kids are hungry then this is the way to go.

  • High heat cooking solution
  • 5KG bags supplied in various brands
  • We Mainly Distribute, Namchar & SureBraai, etc
  • Top Quality & Great value for money
  • Ideal for Braai & Weber owners

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